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Friends Only

I've upped the security of my LJ, mostly for managing reasons. I don't write much - these days I use LJ for fic archiving means. If you're here for that, don't you worry and add me! I have notifications on for adds, I'm low-maintenance and I add back pretty much anybody. :)
ok desu

Fic masterlist

Here's my writing! All entries are flocked for security reasons, mostly because I write RPS (Real Person Slash, specifically Bandfic for the most part) and some aren't keen on that.

If you aren't on my flist why aren't you? please don't be shy and add me, even just for reading a story and never coming back. I don't mind, really! I get notification when I'm added and I'll add you back (maybe drop me a line here in the comments!)

If there are any problems, broken links or messed-up entries, please let me know in comments. Hope you enjoy my meager offerings!

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